Wilbur Johnson and The Gospel Persuaders


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Hi Daddy, as you know, I've been a huge supporter every since you and I drove to the music store (about 24 years ago), and purchased all of the equipment. During that time, I've seen several musicians and singers come and go and I've watched you play with the Sensational Nightingales and other professional groups as well as root for you, when your group was invited to perform at the White House. - - I've listened to the conception of new songs, while we were riding along together in the car and I want you to know that I'm extremely proud to have a father who created, manages, writes his own songs and performs in his own group! - - You do all of this while getting up at 4 each morning and driving more than 102 miles a day and working several hours a day. You are my HERO and a great man. - - Not perfect because non of us are but you have truly left your mark on this world. - - When you sing about going to visit the sick or helping out your fellow man, these are just not lyrics to a song but a life that you're actually living. This is what Christ commands us to do. You get what you give in this world and that is why you are so blessed. - - I don't know anyone else like you in this world. You give SO much! - - Thank you for being my father and thank you on behalf of the very many people that you've helped for so many years. - - - I'd like to ask if you all could quite possibly add your rendition of "It's goons Rain" and (I'm not sure of the correct title), however, some of the lyrics are: "Mama, I'd gave you flowers, while you lived." - God Bless you and the Gospel Persuaders!
I just want you to know that i miss seeing you. I am praying for you, we all have a purpose in life, to spread the Good News. Call me Sister Malinda, we'll have lunch, and catch-up. Love you all.
Saw you guys 10-7-12, at The Hamilton. Great singing and music. Truly enjoyed myself. A birthday present from sister. Keep up the GOOD work.
Enjoyed your worship at St. Marks this past saturday night. God bless..
Malinda, I finally accessed The Gospel Persuaders website and found it to be quite impressive. I also played the available tracks and will be purchasing your music! Continued blessings to all. Janet
After all this time I decided to find you on the web. This c d is so good that I passed it on to church family, and they absolutely love it! We are all waiting for the next c d and you ought to put it on you tube so the fans can enjoy the full cd
GROUP SOUND GOOD.GOD BLESS YOUR MINISTRY.http://www.reunionministry.com
Great site, keep working for the Lord. I pray for peace, blessings and prosperity over your life. God bless you. http://lyricshare.ning.com
To my Friends, Phil and Malinda, May God continue to bless you and the Gospel Persuaders. Keep singing for Jesus!
Good looking site. Look forward to hearing the group
My prayer to the Gospel Persuaders "O continue thy loving kindness unto them tha know thee and thy righteousness to the upright in heart" Psalm 36:10